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At Atlantis Dental Care, we will always do what we can to save your teeth. In most cases, your long-term oral health will benefit from keeping your teeth in place.


Sometimes, however, a situation will require that a tooth be removed in order to protect your other teeth. This could be because of a severe infection, because the tooth is damaged to the point where it cannot be successfully repaired, or because your teeth are too crowded and removal is necessary for successful orthodontic treatment.


If we believe that you would benefit from an extraction, we’ll discuss our concerns with you. We want you to fully understand why we are making this recommendation, especially since we don’t make it lightly.


Most extractions are a fairly simple matter. In fact, patients are often surprised by how quickly an extraction can be done! We use tools that are specifically designed for this job and anesthetic so you can rest assured that you won’t feel a thing.


Following your extraction, you’ll have the information you need to keep the area clean and promote fast healing with a minimal risk of complications.


Your dentist in Atlantis, Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach, Dr. Yagi Patel, is skilled at performing extractions. If you have a tooth that is giving you problems, don’t hesitate to call our office and schedule a consultation. Dr. Patel will review all your options with you so that you can make an informed decision.


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