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Bridge Implant


Are you missing a few teeth in a row? Is replacing all of your missing teeth with dental implants out of your budget? We completely understand, but we don’t want you to think that implants aren’t an option at all.


By combining technologies, we can help you get the long-term benefits and security of implants with the lower cost and convenience of a dental bridge.


When a bridge is used to replace one or two teeth, it is often attached to the crowns placed on the adjacent teeth. When we use dental implants, we can replace several teeth at a time without the need to alter existing, healthy teeth. Instead of attaching the crowns to teeth, we just attach them to dental implants. The implants securely hold your bridge in place and help to keep your periodontal bone in good shape, which prevents the sunken appearance that often accompanies missing teeth.


Your bridge will be custom made and carefully designed to blend in beautifully with your existing dentistry and complete the chewing surface. This will help to protect your other teeth from excess wear and tear along with other problems further down the road. Your long-term dental health is always a consideration when we recommend restorative procedures, including dental implants.


Are you a good candidate for dental implants in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, or Atlantis? Call our office today to request a consultation with Dr. Yagi Patel and find out!



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